Decorating Ideas for your Baby’s Room

Picture of wooden cot in baby's room

When it comes to decorating ideas for your baby’s room, the nursery serves a number of functions including sleeping, nappy changing and storage of clothes and toys, just to name a few. The following tips and suggestions may help when the time comes to decorate your baby’s room.

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Creating a Restful Bedroom

creating with colour - gallery - interior

You can intentionally create a restful bedroom. Start by removing all clutter and any items associated with negative emotion. This will help you feel at ease when you walk in

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The Home Office

More people than ever currently work remotely or from home. This is a big shift and we need to carefully consider our workspace and how productivity can be maximized when working on our own.

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Lighting Ideas for your Home

Great lighting has many benefits; additional decoration, necessary light source, creates ambience, fills an empty space and makes a statement but how do you know what to put where?

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