Creating with Colour strive to create an environment that reflects your personality. No two properties are identical and everyone has different tastes.

Your home, both inside and out, should reflect your personality.
That is why a paint colour consultant can help!

Creating with Colour - Gallery - Interior

Creating with Colour Services

What we offer:

  • We will meet you on-site to examine both the property style and existing surroundings
  • Personalised service to understand your needs
  • Expert advice and guidance
  • Paint colour samples
  • Create colour boards
  • Colour specification sheets
  • Remote consulting advice (using your pictures and online tools)


At Creating with Colour our consultancy rate is $90 per hour (all inclusive, no hidden costs), this means no job is too small.

  • An average interior or exterior colour consultation is approximately $180 (2hrs)
  • An average combined interior and exterior colour consultation may cost between $270–$450 (3–5hrs)

On-Site Consultation

We will meet you on-site, discuss your needs, examining both the property style and immediate surroundings. We listen to your individual needs and objectives in order to better understand your preferences. Most often, advice is provided on-site and decisions made mutually.

Creating with Colour paint colour consultants carry a large range of colour samples that you may require for painting and decorating and are able to source additional colour samples as needed.

We generate colour specification sheets which provide a necessary reference for you and your painter.

Colour boards help you to visualise your colour scheme and double as a handy tool when selecting furnishings.