Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces

Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces

Start by decluttering as this is the simplest way to make a small space appear larger.

Painting the walls of your space in white or very pale neutral colours will make the area appear more spacious. The walls will appear to recede and a light wall colour helps light to bounce around the room.

Single colour paint schemes increase perception of space as your eye is able to move easily around the room and your ability to perceive dimension is reduced. The choice of some furniture and furnishings which blend with your light wall colour will also help with the perception of extra space.

The use of glossy surfaces will help reflect light around a space. Consider using a large mirror to increase the perception of depth. Dark glossy surfaces and glass top tables will both reflect light with glass top tables having the added advantage of not obstructing the view in your room. Using a frameless glass shower screen is another example of creating the perception of space in a small bathroom.

Consider using smaller scale furniture and armless chairs. Curved edges, for example a round ottoman are easier to walk around. Multi-functional pieces such as a nest of tables are ideal for small spaces.

Good storage is very important in a small area. Consider built-in furniture such as bookcases which go to the ceiling and wardrobes containing drawers. A built-in bedhead containing shelves would eliminate the need for bedside tables in a small bedroom. 

For window treatments in small spaces, consider using roller or venetian blinds as they will create a less cluttered look than curtains.

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