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Stylish Tips for the Display of Decorative Objects


  • When displaying a group of objects, it’s important you establish a unifying link among them by using colour, shape, size and/or texture.
  • Use of colour is one of the strongest ways that you can link objects in a display. 
  • Odd numbers usually work best when creating a display (eg five candles look better grouped together than four).
  • To create a formal, refined look with your objects, consider using symmetry in your display. Asymmetrical displays tend to appear more modern and spontaneous.
  • Repetition and the display of items en masse create a bigger and more pleasing visual impact.
  • Small objects need to be displayed in a group so they don’t appear lost in their surrounding space. 
  • It’s important to consider scale when displaying a large object (eg. a painting). The painting needs to have a presence, however, it should never overwhelm the room.