Open House Styling Tips

Open House Styling Tips

When preparing your home for sale, removing clutter must be a priority. My mantra – “less is more.” Your home during the open house needs to be easy for potential buyers to navigate and understand. Too much clutter can be distracting and make a space appear smaller than it really is. This can result in the buyer being unable to imagine their possessions in the space. It’s also important to de- personalise your home by packing away family photographs and removing personal clutter from surfaces such as tables, benchtops and the fridge door. You may need to consider placing excess furniture and possessions in storage for the open house.

First impressions and how your property “feels” is very important for prospective buyers.  Hiring suitable furniture and accessories may assist in a sale. Try to create a focal point in each room. For example, rooms you want to promote as bedrooms or living areas, must have appropriate and inviting, comfortable furniture and homewares.

Indoor plants and fresh flowers for your open house are worth the expense and can create a big impact. Choose a flower type, in a single colour to make a statement. Vibrant coloured flowers always look great against a neutral background.

Pleasing aromas in your home can help create a positive experience. The smell of recently cooked food is very pleasant (eg. cakes/bread) prior to an open inspection. Consider using scented candles and fragrant diffusers with subtle fragrances that don’t overpower spaces. You could also try matching a fragrance to your location (eg. coconut could be used by the beach)

Homes filled with light will always be an added attraction to potential buyers. Keep lights on where necessary. Light freshly painted walls are a good idea as many people are put off by bold coloured walls.

Light, easy listening background music can add ambience for an open inspection. Choose suitable music to match the style of your property. Running water from a water feature is also a soothing addition.

You may wish to appeal to prospective buyers by presenting entertaining ideas. Try sitting up an inside table with a formal setting or set up a casual outdoor dining table setting for a barbeque.

Finally, remember your home’s exterior and garden. They both need to be clean and well presented to match the inside of your home.

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