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Decorating Ideas for your Baby’s Room

The nursery serves a number of functions, including, sleeping, nappy changing and storage of clothes and toys, just to name a few. The following tips and suggestions may help when the time comes to decorate : 

  • The main piece of furniture in any nursery  is the cot.  A simple style timber cot either stained or painted white, always looks stylish.
  • An efficient area is needed for nappy changing.  A plastic padded mat placed on top of a set of drawers at the correct height, works well as a change table. The drawers underneath can be used to store supplies.
  • Drawers, rather than a wardrobe are sufficient for the storage of baby clothes.
  • Wicker baskets or coloured plastic crates are great for storing toys.
  • A low comfortable armchair is a must when feeding. Add colour by introducing a washable armchair cover.
  • Painted walls in white or pastel (shades) create a restful atmosphere in the nursery.
  • From the baby’s perspective, colourful objects are required to create a stimulating space and view from the cot. As babies spend a long time looking at the ceiling, hang mobiles or party bunting above their cot.
  • Consider lighting in the nursery. It’s useful to have a dimmer switch on overhead light(s) for night time use. The addition of a colourful and stimulating lamp provides another focal point for your baby.