Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchen Design Ideas

Every kitchen regardless of style, size or budget should be designed with the main work areas positioned closelytogether. The fridge, sink and oven/cooktop should be located in a triangular design, allowing ease of movement between them.

If you like entertaining, an island bench should be given priority in your kitchen design. This can allow you to cook whilst facing your family and guests. A benchtop overhang is required if you want people to sit comfortably at the island bench.

Neutral colours in the kitchen are largely timeless and calming. White is always popular as it creates a feeling of cleanliness. Dark colours will make an impact in the space however they can be overwhelming in small kitchens. You may want to consider blocks of colour for feature areas such as overhead cupboards, the front panel of an island bench or your splashback. Splashbacks are a great place to feature texture. There are many finishes to choose from including tiles, glass, stone, mirror, acrylic and stainless steel.

Smooth and seamless surfaces are ideal for the kitchen. Cupboards that reach the ceiling eliminate wasted space. An undermount sink will hide the sink edge below the benchtop. Consider integrating appliances behind closed doors and panel s as this will give your kitchen and surrounding living space a clean look.

Drawers will maximize your storage space and allow access to deep corners. Extra deep drawers are great for pots and pans while shallow extra wide drawers are perfect for cutlery. When considering handles for your kitchen, they are best kept invisible or practical and understated.

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