Tips for Organising your Wardrobe

Tips for Organising your Wardrobe

The main aim of organising your wardrobe is to keep it uncluttered, tidy and holding only clothes that you want to wear. Start the process by having a big clean-out and removing all items that you don’t want or need. Get rid of any items associated with negative memories and any items which don’t make you feel confident when worn. Unwanted items need to be sorted into three piles, including rubbish, charity donation and items for sale.

Aim to make everything in your wardrobe easy to find. Group items together (dresses, shirts, pants, skirts etc.), then break them down by colour or sort from dark to light.

Keep your coat hangers to one style as this will help reduce clutter and keep the focus on your clothes.

If you have open shelving above your wardrobe hanging space, use it to store out of season garments in baskets or boxes. This will help free up more wardrobe space.

An expandable shoe rack which sits on the floor is great for shoes. If using shoe boxes, they should be clear so the contents can be easily seen or if using cardboard boxes, keep the lids off.

Ideally, fold any woollen and delicate items/garments and place them in open shelving. Place the heaviest items on the bottom of the pile.

Fit out your drawers with dividers or small baskets and then group small items such as scarfs and socks together. Rolled belts and ties can also be stored in drawers.

Display your handbags on a shelf. If necessary, stuff certain handbags with a cushion insert to keep them upright. Small bags can be stored in a box.

Once your wardrobe is organised, spend some time re-thinking how you wear your clothes. Try new combinations with garments that you already own before you consider buying more.

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