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Lighting Ideas for your Home

Consider a feature light in your entrance or stairwell as it will fill the empty space and make a statement. Feature lights also look great over a dining table.

Pendant lights look great in the kitchen when hung over the bench. They define the space and importantly provide strong direct lighting for food preparation.

Floor lamps provide a strong instant light source and create ambience in dull spaces. Floor lamps eliminate the need for any structural changes to your home (e.g. the patterned ceiling of a heritage style home may be upset by the use of ceiling lights).

Table lamps are great for creating ambience and add to the decoration of a room.

In a Media Room, a subdued background lighting scheme is best for preventing screen glare and minimising contrast. Consider perimeter lighting to achieve this result.

Mood lighting is most effective when a number of light sources are used. For example, pendant lights, dimmer switches and candles are examples of lighting tools which can help create a relaxed atmosphere.