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De-Clutter your Home

Is too much STUFF overtaking your life?

Having trouble finding things?

Do you want to reclaim your home and make your space more peaceful?

Here are a few tips which you may find useful ….

–  Create a sense of order by gathering related items and putting them together. By sorting your possessions you can see exactly what you have. 

–  Decide what you need to get rid of. To make things easier start small and just tackle one cupboard or space at a time. Begin with a room or space which you are least emotionally attached to. 

–  Options for dealing with your stuff –

–  1.  Throw it out if broken or worthless.

–  2.  Give away goods to charity for someone else to use.

–  3.  Consider a garage sale if you would like a return on your money spent over the years.

–  4.  Any goods which you have decided to keep will need to be stored. 

–  Decide exactly where goods you’re keeping will be stored. This will depend on how often these goods are used. Possessions used frequently need to be accessed easily. 

–  Gather groups of possessions and store them in appropriate size containers. Labeling containers, boxes etc can be very helpful, enabling you to see what you have stored at all times.

 –  After you have de-cluttered evaluate your system. Is it working? Do you need to make any changes or improvements?

Finally, stay on top of the CLUTTER by tidying up regularly.