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Bathroom Design Ideas

  • The best bathrooms combine aesthetic appeal and functionality.
  • Use colour to create mood in the bathroom, add texture by introducing different materials.
  • Your choice of flooring should be both waterproof and non-slip.  Avoid hi-gloss tiles and surfaces on the floor.
  • Good storage is essential in the bathroom.  Towels and toiletries need to be within easy reach.
  • Baths take up a lot of space, yet they are a great indulgence. Ideally the bath should be long enough for an adult to lie down in and relax.  A freestanding bath looks great when there’s plenty of floor space around it.
  • Various lighting combinations are required for different tasks in the bathroom. Directional lighting should be positioned above, or beside the mirror for applying make-up or shaving.  Ambient lighting is great when relaxing in the bath.
  • As plenty of moisture collects in the bathroom, select a paint product which is mould resistant and suitable for wet areas.