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Why do I need your Help?

I can save you time and money with building or improving your property. Most people have an idea of what they like, or at very least, what they don’t like.  However, the obstacle of agreeing with all  members of the household or work colleagues is common. Indecision definitely holds a project back.  Nobody should worry over wrong colour choices and have to live with them.

I’m building a new home, Can you help create a colour scheme ?

Yes, I’m happy to work from architectural drawings.

We are wanting to put our property on the market, can you assist ?

Yes, I have a particular interest in pre-sale makeovers.  Sometimes a small investment pre-sale can deliver a satisfactory return on your investment.

Can you do more than just Colour Consulting?

Yes, I am very happy to source decorating products for your property.  I can meet you on site to assist in the selection of suitable interior and exterior home furnishings, flooring, kitchen and bathroom hard surfaces, etc, to blend with your colour scheme.

Can you create a colour scheme using a collection of our photographs ?

Yes, I can build a colour scheme off-site if required.

Do you bring ready-made colour schemes that I can choose from?

No, none of my schemes are mass produced. I provide clients with an individualised service, working with them to create an environment which they’re happy with.

Do I need to do anything before the consultation?

No you don’t.  However it can be very helpful if you have collected paint charts or pictures to give me an indication of the decorating styles and colours which you prefer.

How long does a job usually take to complete so painting can start?

On average a job usually takes one week to complete from the initial meeting.