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Hanging Pictures – Part 2

Art galleries suggest the centerline for hung artwork should be 1500mm from the floor. The eye level or centerline of your artwork will vary from room to room, for example, eye level is typically lower in a lounge room where people mostly sit.

How to hang a picture.

  1. Measure the height of the frame in millimetres then divide this number in half. Then add 1500mm to this number (eg. 500mm / 2 + 1500mm = 1750mm).
  2. Measure the distance (mm) between the hanging wire at full tension and the top of the frame. Subtract this from the total gained in step one (eg. 1750mm – 350mm).
  3. From the floor measure the distance from step two up the wall and place a mark (eg. 1400mm above floor level). This is where the nail / hook should be placed.

When hanging a group of pictures, place the dominant piece in the centre of the arrangement and position the remaining pieces accordingly.

To achieve balance and a perfect arrangement, try displaying various combinations on the floor prior to hanging. Alternatively, cut out a number of replica paper templates and place these on your chosen wall using tape / blu-tac.

Your lowest piece of wall-hung artwork should be placed at least 200mm – 300mm above a sofa, sideboard or table.

Hang heavy pictures or mirrors from wall studs whenever possible.

To ensure pictures are hung straight always use a spirit level.