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Hanging Pictures – Part 1

When grouping pictures or artwork, the selection of an odd number of objects is more interesting than the grouping of an even number.

If you’re looking for harmony in your display, use the same frame throughout.

Add interest by mixing the media in your display (eg. paintings, photographs, drawings) and by varying the shape and size of mounts and frames.

Create a greater impact by selecting a single colour from your artwork to feature on the wall behind.

When selecting pictures to hang in a group, start by using objects of similar colour and/or subject matter.

The Hall is a good place to hang same size pictures. This creates a seamless flow in what can sometimes be a narrow thoroughfare.

Instead of hanging pictures or mirrors, consider propping them up on a mantel or shelf.

Larger pieces look great on the floor leaning against a wall.

A series of wall-mounted shelves can act as an art gallery.  Pictures are placed on the shelves rather than hung.