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Decorating Ideas for a Teenager’s Bedroom

  • Teenage girls usually like fresh colours on their walls. Boys, on the other hand, often like black.  As black is very harsh, consider painting the walls in charcoal and use white trims and a white ceiling.
  • Teenagers usually know what’s fashionable and what’s not.  But they usually need help with styling their bedroom. To help with the decorating process, make a mood board containing the teenager’s favourite things and images.
  • Teenagers need some privacy in their room. Try and keep the bedroom an electronic media-free zone, a room where the main focus is on resting. Laidback seating is useful to achieve this outcome.
  • All teenagers want to hang posters in their room and this can be very damaging to paintwork. To protect the walls, an over-sized pinboard could be hung.
  • A teenager’s room is often messy with items strewn everywhere. To try and keep this problem under control, consider using dedicated storage for school bags, sports gear and dirty clothes.
  • As your teenager matures, shop for a few feature items such as a lamp or chair which will add lasting style to the space.