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Outside Decorating Ideas

Select a colour palette which is harmonious, linking the inside and outside of your home. Try creating a comfortable and intimate outdoor space. Find a suitable spot in the courtyard or garden and add an outdoor table and chairs. Use cushions for comfort and to give a splash of colour. Consider creating a focal point in your garden using a water feature, sculpture or outdoor seat. Use objects ...
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Hanging Pictures – Part 2

Art galleries suggest the centerline for hung artwork should be 1500mm from the floor. The eye level or centerline of your artwork will vary from room to room, for example, eye level is typically lower in a lounge room where people mostly sit. How to hang a picture. Measure the height of the frame in millimetres then divide this number in half. Then add 1500mm to this number (eg. 500mm / 2 + 15...
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Hanging Pictures – Part 1

When grouping pictures or artwork, the selection of an odd number of objects is more interesting than the grouping of an even number. If you’re looking for harmony in your display, use the same frame throughout. Add interest by mixing the media in your display (eg. paintings, photographs, drawings) and by varying the shape and size of mounts and frames. Create a greater impact by selecting a si...
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Stylish Tips for the Display of Decorative Objects

  When displaying a group of objects, it’s important you establish a unifying link among them by using colour, shape, size and/or texture. Use of colour is one of the strongest ways that you can link objects in a display.  Odd numbers usually work best when creating a display (eg five candles look better grouped together than four). To create a formal, refined look with your objects, consider...
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Open House Styling Tips

Remove Clutter -          Too much clutter can be distracting and make a space appear smaller than it really is. -          Pack excess belongings, children’s toys and valuables away prior to an open house. -          It’s important to de-personalise your home by packing away family photographs. -          Remove personal clutter from the fridge door, benchtops and tables. -          Consider...
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De-Clutter your Home

Is too much STUFF overtaking your life? Having trouble finding things? Do you want to reclaim your home and make your space more peaceful? Here are a few tips which you may find useful .... -  Create a sense of order by gathering related items and putting them together. By sorting your possessions you can see exactly what you have.  -  Decide what you need to get rid of. To make things easier...
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Colour Scheme Ideas

Your home, both inside and out, should reflect your personality so try to decide which colours you’re attracted to and which colours you’re not. Collect ideas from magazines, photographs, nature or anything that inspires you and keep a scrapbook. In each space find a starting point around which to base your colour scheme. Examples include furniture, artwork or architectural features. Look at ...
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