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A Practical Laundry

  • Whatever the size, an ideal laundry should be user friendly and efficient.
  • Aim to have separate task-orientated zones for washing, drying, folding and ironing.
  • In a multi-storey home, a laundry shute is a convenient time saver. If laundry space is available, use 2 laundry bags/baskets so white clothing can be separated from coloured clothing when it is thrown out for washing.
  • To save space, hang your clothes dryer above the front-loader washing machine.
  • If space allows, a double sink is very useful for simultaneous washing and soaking of garments. The sink/s need to be located next to the washing machine for easy transfer of wet clothes.
  • Plenty of storage is important for a range of different  size items. Tall cupboards may be necessary for the ironing board as well as brooms, mops and buckets. Keep washing powders and liquids within reach of the washing machine and sink, by storing them on overhead shelving or in a cupboard under the sink.
  • It is essential the laundry has good ventilation. Together with an electric clothes dryer, a retractable clothes line in the laundry or fold away drying rack are both handy to help dry clothes.
  • Ideally the laundry needs some dedicated bench space for folding clothes. If space allows, use an ironing board in this zone and then fold away after use.
  • Flooring material in the laundry needs to be non-slip and water resistant. Usually a small space, avoid visual clutter by choosing a light colour palette and simple patterns.