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A Playroom for Children – Decorating Ideas

  • Children’s toys are brightly coloured so consider painting the walls in warm neutral colours which act as a great backdrop.
  • Kids naturally spend much of their time playing on the floor, therefore, the floor is a big focus of the room. Colourful interactive rugs with race tracks or games such as hopscotch are great fun for kids.
  • Keep the floorplan simple and consider using furniture which is multi-functional, such as a daybed, which can be converted from seating to a bed for sleepovers.
  • Children love to be creative, so provide a table and chairs where they can build, draw and paint.
  • A sofa, beanbags and floor cushions are needed to provide comfort and add options for reading and watching television.
  • Removable wallpaper stickers are a creative and fun addition to a playroom. Create a blackboard by painting a section of wall with chalkboard paint.
  • A variety of storage solutions should be considered such as open-shelving, mobile toy boxes and wall hooks which help to make it easy for children to collect and put away toys by themselves.
  • Stimulate imagination by providing a dress-up box, cubby house or tepee for kids to create and develop their own adventures.